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recording artists - The Starjays!

​"The Starjays are one of my favorite current bands. They have a great sound and a lot of variety. Many of their songs are great for dancing so make sure you catch one of their shows."  ~Tom Ingram (Owner/CEO at 
Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend)

"The Starjays are a fantastic band... If you are lucky enough to catch one of their shows, you'll notice that no one in the crowd can stand still. The Starjays get everyone dancing! Angela is a true songbird and her voice sounds so lovely together with Roy's vocals. Do not miss them if you have the chance to see them live!"  ~ Beck Rustic (Gal in charge at The New England Shake-Up!)

​"If you like authentic 50's R&B that you can dance to, then take it from me and look no further than The Starjays. They have it all.... from a screamin' sax to a rolling piano and the powerful and smoky voice of Angela Tini! Angela and Roy make a great duo with excellent harmony. They have a bright future ahead!" ~ Jason Bland (Mr. 
East Coast Rockabilly Central)

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